Fox Business Funding Cash Available in 24 Hours!

Fox Business Funding provides a variety of sustained funding options to offer your clients including; Business ACH Advances, Business Merchant Cash Advances in 1st and 2nd positions.

Fast Funding: When You Need It!

We are experts in the funding industry. Let us help your clients meet their financing needs, without any hassle!

Quick Approval

Quick Approval

Fast same day approval with one simple application and 3 most recent months bank statements.

  • We provide ACH and MCA payment programs
  • First and 2nd position terms
  • Longer repayment periods
  • Up to 7 months on 2nd positions!
  • Higher approval amounts
Minimal Paperwork

Minimal Paperwork

Contract and minimum paperwork required to receive financing. To fund, typically, we require only:

  • The fully executed agreement
  • Driver’s license
  • Voided business check
  • Landlord contact or mortgage statement
  • Business license
Fast & Easy

Fast and Easy

Funding up to $300,000 in less than 3 business days. Professional and responsive making us fast and easy.

  • Dedicated Underwriter for each account
  • Experts in our field
  • Always accessible
  • Short turn-around time
  • Minimal paperwork

Become a Fox Funding Partner

We want to earn your business through strong communication while building trust. We provide superior products and compensation. Request an ISO Agreement and start earning commissions, Today!

We Have The Most Options.

Fox Business Funding can provide your clients with quick and simple financing. We can service all industries and offer funds up to $500,000

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Dedicated to Serving Your Needs.

Since we have 8 in-house funders there are no time delays when it comes to getting the advance you need. Our application process is quick and easy with minimal paperwork to fill out. A simple call to your personal liaison and within 5 minutes you are on way to getting back to business.

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We Are Very Flexible.

We offer many alternative funding options. If a traditional funder has turned one down, we can help. Our in-house funders can offer additional avenues to peruse and since we have an 80 percent approval rate the chances are great that we will find the funding for you.

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Sounds Great, Sign Me Up!

6 Reasons To Work With Fox Business Funding:

When it comes to finding the right partner or affiliate for your business, you want to work with someone who understands the needs of your business, the needs of your clients, and will provide you with superior customer service without wasting your time.

Fox Business Funding provides benefits that are unlike any other in the industry. We want to see your business grow, we want you to be successful and we will do everything in our power to make sure that happens. So, what can we really offer you?

  • #1 Fox Business Funding pays Aggressive Commissions
    We know that in order for your business to grow you need to be making money and bringing in new revenue each day. This is why we offer high commission rates.

  • #2 Fast Turn Around
    Fox prides itself in delivering answers fast. We understand prompt decisions could mean you will the deal so, you can expect answers in hours, not days.

  • #3 We are Versatile
    We offer many alternative funding options. If a traditional bank has turned one down, we can help. We can offer additional avenues to peruse and since we have an 80 percent approval rate the chances are great that we will find the funding for you.

  • #4 We understand you
    Our Fox Business Funding Representatives are highly trained and experienced in the funding industry. Often, we are asked to assist in overcoming the number one objection a merchant has, the cost of money! By empowering your Fox Business Funding partnership to help with these objections, you will close more deals, guaranteed!

  • #5 Longer Repayment on 2nd Position
    Most funders will not give you quality terms on a 2nd position. At Fox Business Funding we can offer up to 7 months for a 2nd position. That’s almost double the industry standard!

  • #6 Syndication Opportunity
    Fox offers its ISO relationship the ability to become a funder through syndication. This powerful tool affords you the ability to earn greater income and utilize white label documents. This builds long term relationships with your merchants.